Shanghai Minpu Second Bridge

Shanghai Minpu Second Bridge

The entire length of Minpu Second Bridge is 5.8km. The construction is 1.7km away from the Fengpu Bridge downstream, and to the north of Minghang District, Humin Road and Dongchuan Road.  Travelling along Humin Road to the south across Huangpu River, the bridge is located at the southern end of Fengxian District, Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway to Xijia Road.

Shanghai Minpu Second Bridge:  Minpu Second Bridge’s main bridge is a single tower, double cable planes, steel truss cable-stayed bridge. It has an upper structure of 40m supported by a box girder.  The lower structure is a single column pier, with a main tower of 148 meters, and two beams.  To ensure safety while maintaining construction quality; the recommendation for this project is to use self-climbing hydraulic formwork for the main tower.

 Based on the main tower structure; the construction standard for the section height is 5 meters.  The first pouring is exceptionally fast with a template height of 5.2 meters.  The first beam is higher; completed with two pouring of 4 meters each time.  The second beam is completed in one pouring.  The main tower is divided into 30 layers for construction.

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